Become your team's super analyst

Blockspring makes it simple to get data, automate reports, and run machine learning algorithms from your spreadsheets

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New! Connect Blockspring to Tableau dashboards, Slack bots, and Bubble apps.

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Instantly get data

Don't waste time scouring finance and government portals, looking up people and businesses, scraping webpages, and learning your internal services - instantly get data with Blockspring.

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Automate spreadsheet reporting

Set your report to update on a schedule. Remove hours of "export from app, copy and paste to sheet, and spot check” from your week.

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Machine learning, simplified

Surprise your team by tapping into machine learning services for text analysis, image recognition, and more.

Install the Blockspring plug-in

Or start with these templates:

Google Analytics Acquisition Report


Build Employee Lists by Company


Identify Keywords from Tweets


Ready to supercharge your analytics organization?

Blockspring for Business is a platform that integrates your internal data services into tools your business is already invested in - like Excel, Tableau, and more.

Amplify your company's analytics capabilities without having to onboard yet another tool. Data Services, IT, and your business units will thank you.

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Extend spreadsheets using R and Python - not VBA

Know some programming? Forget VBA and Google Scripts. Create Excel and Google Sheets functions using your favorite language, and share with your team.

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