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Blockspring connects your apps to your data. Automate exports, refreshes, and warehousing.

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"I created, in a matter of minutes, a database that pulled my recent WIRED articles from Microsoft’s Bing search engine and mapped them onto related tweets, shares, and pins."


Gartner - Awarded Blockspring 'Cool Vendor 2016' "Blockspring simplifies the processes of accessing, aggregating, manipulating and processing the API data, thereby reducing central IT’s load."


"By building itself into Excel and Slack, it's bringing the data to you, rather than you having to go out to the data."


"I’ve tried it, and it’s incredibly cool. Within a few minutes, I was able create a spreadsheet that pulled in articles from different news sources via the news API and scraped the articles for their virality."

Instantly get data

Use Blockspring to search for data - marketing, finance, sales, government, and internal - and click to connect into your favorite app.

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Automate reporting

Set reports to update on a schedule. Remove hours of "export from app, copy and paste to sheet, and spot check” from your week.


Connect to any data source

Data sources not yet on Blockspring can be added by a developer in minutes. We do the heavy lifting, automatically connecting your data into multiple apps at once, with no VBA, Google Scripts, or Web Data Connectors required.

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Google Analytics Acquisition Report


Build Employee Lists by Company


Identify Keywords from Tweets


Ready to supercharge your analytics organization?

Blockspring for Business is a platform that integrates your internal data services into tools your business is already invested in - like Excel, Tableau, and more.

Amplify your company's analytics capabilities without having to onboard yet another tool. Data Services, IT, and your business units will thank you.

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