Remember the future? We were promised robots that’d handle the most mundane parts of life. We were promised powerful assistants at home and work. What do we have? Siri can tell you the weather. Amazon’s Echo can recognize music. Google Now can help you with your commute. And Facebook’s M can book you a restaurant reservation. None of them help us do our jobs, really.

Today’s bots are not very useful. The combined efforts of the world’s biggest technology companies, spending billions on state-of-the-art machine learning, have produced personal assistants that, while quirky and personable, do little in the way of assisting. Sure - bots like Siri can sometimes be convenient at home, but they’ve had no impact at work.


That’s why we are excited to announce Blockspring Bot, now for Slack. It’s what we like to call the anti-bot. Why? While most bots are designed to seem human, Blockspring Bot is designed to help you as a human. While most bots are great at a few general tasks, Blockspring Bot lets you completely customize it to your team’s specific needs. Its single goal is to maximize your team’s productivity. To be useful at work.

Let’s show you what I mean. Here are some useful commands you can set up in a minute:

Get Social Counts for a URL via SharedCount Shared count

Lookup an Email Address via Clearbit Clearbit

Return Web Insights via Google Analytics Google analytics

Send an Email via Gmail. Send gmail

What can Blockspring Bot do for me? The details.

Make your team dramatically more efficient: If you're already spending hours in Slack, you shouldn't have to switch apps every time you need to get some Google Analytics data, look up someone's information, send an email, etc. Blockspring Bot brings all of these services to you, rather than you needing to go to them.

Commands your team will use every day: Create commands perfectly tailored to your team's needs, which means they'll actually get used. Blockspring Bot doesn’t even try to understand your natural language like most bots. Rather, it lets you configure what your command will look like, and completely customize how it will act. Here's a tutorial for configuring commands.

Train your bot with advanced, new skills, no matter your tech skills: There are two ways to train Blockspring with new skills:

  • Google Sheets: Know how to use a spreadsheet? Train your bot to answer questions in natural language, using nothing more than a Google Sheet. Pro tip - spreadsheet functions (including =BLOCKSPRING) makes it possible to build extremely advanced commands.
  • Code: Know how to program? Write a serverless script (in Node, Ruby, Python, PHP, or even R) to teach Blockspring. We’ve seen people create custom dashboards hitting internal APIs or calculate player Elo scores of team ping pong tournaments. Anything is possible

Easy access to services that matter: Whether it’s Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Clearbit, Gmail, or a private service you’ve connected with Blockspring for Business, we have over a hundred APIs now available as simple 2 to 3 word Slack commands. That means you don’t have to leave Slack to get the information you and your team needs.

What's next for us? We're working hard to get you access to every web service (including other bots) you could imagine in Excel, Google Sheets, Tableau, and now Slack. If we're missing a public API, let us know. If it's a private API, try out Blockspring for Business. Otherwise, we’re excited to launch Blockspring Bot starting with our favorite chat platform, Slack. Look forward to our bot popping up in a few more places soon!

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