It's fairly common for web analytics and marketing professionals to build reports on top of their web traffic data. Typically, the process goes like this: you go to your analytics vendor, export datasets, put it in a spreadsheet, share it with your team, and repeat each week. This takes a long time.

GoSquared is a powerful platform for collecting analytics relevant to your site. The platform integrates with tons of providers and looks great. It turns out their API is best-in-class, they let you easily retrieve months and months of data.

Gosquared GoSquared dashboard.

With Blockspring and GoSquared, you’ll be able to automatically retrieve your analytics data, and build reports that refresh on their own (without repeated manual effort). Here are some use-cases:

  • See how you perform from a growth point of view over the years.
  • Create a report that highlights peak site visits and compare it with external events, such as announcements, new releases, “celebrity” tweets.
  • Compare across different sites using GoSquared analytics service.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Step 1 - Install Blockspring

Follow the installation guide to install the Blockspring plugin for spreadsheets (Excel or Google Sheets) and sign up.

Step 2 - Pull GoSquared Demo Data

Open the console on the right side of your spreadsheet. In the search bar, type “GoSquared”.

You should see Get Historical Traffic with GoSquared.

Select it and then click the blue button “Insert into new sheet”.

You should see a table like the below appear:

Get historical traffic

Try altering the “from date” and “to date” fields to match your preferences. Data automatically gets repulled.

Step 3 - Get the right API Keys from GoSquared

Go to to get your “Site Token” (the string that starts with GSN). Sign up / sign if you need.

site token

Click “Set Key” under Site Token in the Blockspring Console and copy/paste your key.

Next, go to to get your “API Key”.


Click “Set Key” under apikey in the Blockspring Console. Copy / paste your GoSquared api key. Do not share your API key publicly. Your API key is used to access all analytics data in your GoSquared account. In case you reveal your API key to someone who shouldn’t on the same page linked above you’ll be able to revoke and regenerate it.

Step 4 - Get your data!

Now click “Insert into new sheet” again, and you pull be pulling your own analytics data from GoSquared into your spreadsheets.

Insert into new sheet

Now we can manipulate this data whichever way we want:

  • Cross check data with other sheets - You can easily use Conditional Formatting and Match functions to analyse data and cross-check with Marketing initiatives and events that you or your team might have run throughout the year.
  • Save the data to Dropbox - As traffic data comes into the spreadsheet you can save the data into Dropbox using another Blockspring function.
  • Predict the future - Use forecasting blocks to project the amount of visits your site will receive, by using historical data to make your mathematical model more accurate!

Tell us how you analyse your web data and we’ll build a tutorial and share it with everyone else on the blog!

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