Just about every company that uses Google Analytics has an involved process to keep reports up-to-date. This might include manually exporting data from the user interface, setting up scheduled data deliveries, or licensing custom applications.

There is an easier way. With Blockspring's comprehensive support of Google Analytics, you'll get full reporting capabilities and access to up-to-date data without leaving your favorite tools (like Excel, Google Sheets, or Tableau). Blockspring is quick to get up and running by yourself (no engineering whiz kids necessary), and it's free.

Other benefits include:

  • Full support for Google Analytics reports using dimensions, metrics, filters, segments, and sorting
  • Integrates with other Blockspring services like Twitter and Alexa to turbocharge your reporting
  • Enables reports to automatically pull data from Google Analytics

Take a look at how easy it is to work with Google Analytics data using Blockspring:

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