We're meeting a growing number of API enthusiasts who develop software solutions without coding. They go by many names - including Technical Marketing, Technical Sales, and Recruiting Wizards (okay, we made the last one up) - but they share a common desire to automate the boring stuff.

Coding is for losers 175 opaque

For master lesson, check out David Krevitt’s recent blog post on Just Enough Blockspring, where you'll learn how to use Blockspring to massively increase your productivity when working with APIs. David's organization - Coding is for Losers (CIFL) - brings together work automation enthusiasts who want to eliminate tasks that would have required a developer or a lot of manual labor.

...we use [Blockspring] to supplement existing apps, build entirely new apps in spreadsheets, and run marketing and operations processes... With a Blockspring account plus knowledge of a few key spreadsheet functions, you’ll have the superpowers to build [automation] templates in literally 60 seconds.

Once you’re using it, you’ll see why we call some members of the league ‘API artists’ – Blockspring allows you to freely paint with data from APIs in a spreadsheet, with no interruption to write and test code.

We're excited to help David and CIFL carry the banner of code-free automation. Stay tuned since we'll soon be sharing some killer Google Analytics automation templates that you won't want to miss. In the meantime, you can start learning the ways of an API artist with CIFL today.
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