This post will explain how to get Twitter data, send tweets, favorite tweets, and more while in a Google Sheet using Blockspring's add on.

TWitter in your spreadsheet

Blockspring's new collection of Twitter functions is great for:

  • Marketers who want to achieve programmer-like automation powers for Twitter.
  • Anyone who wants to use Twitter at work without their boss finding out :). It looks like you're doing serious work!

If you haven't already, install the Blockspring for Google Sheets add-on from the Chrome Store (or Blockspring for Excel). Now let's show you some cool examples...

Example use cases

A Marketer's Dream - Get your recent tweets, pull a user's followers, pull profiles, get a user's most recent tweet, and fave tweets automatically.

Functions used in video:

Data Visualization - Pull famous peoples' recent faves and visualize. Justin Bieber vs. Marc Andreessen... epic battle!

Functions used in video:

A bit of background

We've had many marketers ask for easier ways to interact with the Twitter's API. So we added Twitter OAuth1.0 support for Blockspring functions. What that means is:

  • A developer can post a Twitter-supported Blockspring function in seconds.
  • Then end-users like you and me can sign into that function with Twitter.
  • Once we sign in, we can then run that function from a spreadsheet, any programming language, or even IoT devices just like any other Blockspring function.
Cool huh? No need to learn the Twitter API; just copy/paste a Blockspring function wherever you need it. We're excited to see what other functions the Blockspring developer community will think up for Twitter. Sentiment analyses? Network analyses? Who knows!

As always, we've partnered with businesses to replicate the Blockspring platform within their walls, and it opens up the possibility for end-user computing like never before. If your team is looking to learn more, message us.

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