Today we’re thrilled to announce our second integration: Blockspring for Tableau. You can now open Blockspring from within Tableau to easily visualize web data services.

Let's try it out - here we'll use the Glassdoor API to visualize Starbucks vs. Goldmans Sachs job postings by state:

We’re big fans of Tableau for two reasons. First, they're a great tool for data visualization. Analysts at more than 32,000 companies rely on Tableau to create interactive graphs and dashboards. Second, they understand the value of data services. With Tableau v9.1, you can now import data from APIs by building web data connectors.

So where does Blockspring come in? The Blockspring data connector lets you access any data service in a clean, standardized format, all without leaving Tableau. For instance, let's say you're a marketer - with Blockspring, you can rapidly visualize data from Google Analytics, Alexa, Facebook Insights, Twitter, and more.

Who’s Using It?

Hearst, a global leader in media, uses Blockspring for Business to distribute data services to its business units. In the past, Hearst data services were used exclusively by engineers, but now they’re consumed by analysts directly from Excel, Google Sheets, and Tableau. Here’s what Rick McFarland, VP of Data Services, has to say about Blockspring:

We started working with Blockspring so our analysts could access our data warehouse from Excel, without any help from engineering. Many BI’s at Hearst also use Tableau for dashboarding so now our data is available there as well. Blockspring helps us work more effectively and efficiently because, regardless of the tool you use, you can get at Hearst data services.

How Does It Work?

One Connector, Any Data Service: Blockspring offers a streamlined format to access any data services from Tableau. In a few clicks, you can have Twitter, Glassdoor, Google Analytics, private company data, and much much more at your disposal.

Refresh Made Easy: Manually refreshing dashboards is time-consuming and error-prone. Blockspring combats this tedious task easily - simply click the "Refresh" button to get updated data in Tableau from each data service you’ve connected. We standardize all the requests and authentication so no need for manual work.

Seamless Integration: Blockspring for Tableau perfectly complements our spreadsheet integrations. If you’re already a Blockspring spreadsheet user, you’ll notice that the data services available for Excel / Google Sheets are now all available for Tableau. Whenever a new API is added to Blockspring you'll automatically see it from all of your tools - Tableau, Excel, and Google Sheets

What's next for us? We're working hard to get you access to every data service you could imagine. If we're missing a public API, let us know. If it's a private API, try out Blockspring for Business.

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