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A great App Store experience for customers and developers, without having to reinvent the wheel.

How it works - for your customers

For your developer ecosystem

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Integrate the App Store by embedding a JS snippet and SDK into your web and mobile properties.

Apps can also handle webhooks. To do so, you’ll need to provide Blockspring with a webhook provisioning API.

Apps can also scope to a particular resource (eg a project, board, repository, etc). This would need to be passed into the JS and mobile SDKs if required.

If you’d like to enable Paid Apps, you’ll need to setup an extra webhook and sign in with Stripe. Blockspring will divide marketplace payments between app developers and you.

You also get a beautiful App Store Management Portal to:

  • Approve apps for publishing
  • Track payments to developers
  • Measure usage across apps and developers
  • Run adoption reports
  • Manage the look and feel of your App Store
  • Moderate reviews from users

You're just clicks away from full control of your ecosystem.