Blockspring for Bubble

Help Guide


Step 1. Go to your Bubble dashboard.
Step 2. Create a new app or select an existing app.
Step 3. Click Plugins in the left sidebar in your Bubble editor.
Step 4. If you don't already have Blockspring installed, click Add Plugins and Blockspring (should be at the top).
Step 5. Click to Authenticate with Blockspring to connect your account with your Bubble app.

The Blockspring plugin

How does this work?

Blockspring for Bubble is a single plugin that lets you access all of the services on when building apps on Bubble.

How does authentication work?

When you authenticate with a service on Blockspring, that key is encrypted and stored with your Blockspring account. Then, when Bubble makes the request for data, you don't have to re-sign in with all of the services your app is built on, you just sign in with Blockspring.