Blockspring for Slack

Help Guide


Step 1. Install the Blockspring slash command for Slack Add to Slack
Step 2. Type /blockspring commands from inside of Slack to see a list of available commands and get started creating your own.

Blockspring Slash Command

How does this work?

By installing Blockspring for Slack, you get a single slash command - /blockspring - that you can completely configure and personalize for your team. Whether it's posting tweets, pulling Google Analytics reports, or search Gmail, you'll have the power to build your own bot with your Blockspring slash command.

How do I see my bot commands?

To see your bot commands type the following into Slack: /blockspring commands. You should see a list of commands you've set up for your bot.

How do I add new commands to my bot?

To add new commands, first visit the services page. Next, choose a service you'd like to create a command for (eg Google Analytics, Alexa, Twilio, SharedCount). Choose Slack as your tool of choice. You'll see a button to add a command from there.

Can other people on my Slack team use my commands?

Absolutely! They'll need to activate the command on Blockspring (they'll see a link when they try to use the command). And at the moment they'll need to set up their own authentication with each service but we're working on way to share among teams.