Blockspring for Tableau

Help Guide


Step 1. Install Tableau Desktop 9.1+ if you don't yet have it.
Step 2. In Tableau, click Adddata in the top navigation pane to connect to data.
Step 3. Choose "Web Data Connector".
Step 4. Copy the web data connector URL below into Tableau.

The Blockspring Web Data Connector

How does this work?

Blockspring for Tableau is a single Tableau Web Data Connector that lets you access all of the services on that return tabular data from Tableau.

Is there a limit to data size?

The only limit to size that you can import through Blockspring is that the data transfer must complete within 60 seconds. All requests longer than this will timeout and return no data.

How does authentication work?

When you authenticate with a service on Blockspring, that key is encrypted and stored with your Blockspring account. Then, when Tableau makes the request for data, you don't have to re-sign in with all of the services your dashboard is built on, you just sign in with Blockspring.