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/blockspring makes your team dramatically more efficient.

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You know best. Easily build-your-own-bot for your team.


Configure a custom command in 60 seconds

Choose a service and tell Blockspring what your commands should look like. It only takes 60 seconds to create useful, new commands.

Check out this step-by-step instruction guide to get started creating commands for your team. It'll wow them :).


Program your bot to do anything

Know how to use a spreadsheet? Train Blockspring bot to answer questions in natural language. All you need is a Google Spreadsheet, no code. This is ridiculously awesome.

Know how write code? Write a serverless script (in Node, Ruby, Python, PHP, or even R) to teach Blockspring. We’ve seen people create custom dashboards hitting internal APIs or calculate player Elo scores of team ping pong tournaments. Anything is possible

Use all of your team's services without leaving Slack.

Blockspring Bot

Add Blockspring Bot to your Slack team

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