Data management that just works

Blockspring Enterprise Data Management is the complete solution for CIOs to enable discovery, optimize utilization, and ensure governance for data assets throughout the enterprise.
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Gartner - Awarded Blockspring 'Cool Vendor 2016' "Blockspring simplifies the processes of accessing, aggregating, manipulating and processing the API data, thereby reducing central IT’s load."


"I created, in a matter of minutes, a database that pulled my recent WIRED articles from Microsoft’s Bing search engine and mapped them onto related tweets, shares, and pins."


"By building itself into Excel and Slack, it's bringing the data to you, rather than you having to go out to the data."


"I’ve tried it, and it’s incredibly cool. Within a few minutes, I was able create a spreadsheet that pulled in articles from different news sources via the news API and scraped the articles for their virality."

Blockspring Discovery Hub

Search and discover enterprise data assets in one place.

Let's face it: the number of tools and data sources used in your business are growing every day. Making sure the data gets into the right hands and stays out of the wrong hands is top priority.

Blockspring Discovery Hub is a simple portal to search and discover all of your organization's data sources - new or old, on-prem or in the Cloud.

  • Easy to use portal keeps data sources at your fingertips
  • Browse and discover the data available to your organization
  • Integrated search lets users find the datasource they need
  • Fully integrated with Blockspring Governance policies

Executive Utilization Dashboard

Optimize costs by knowing exactly what data and apps matter most.

For the first time, you can trace the value of data assets throughout the organization. Know how often your data assets and services are used, by whom, and by which application.

Your executive dashboard not only improves utilization visibility, but enables you to optimize costs with unused data services and applications.


Learning-Enabled Governance and Security

Secure data assets and detect anomalies in real-time.


A unique governance platform that secures connected data assets, providing realtime tracking and anomaly detection.

  • Security Insights: track and identify anomalous uses of data before they turn disastrous
  • Add governance rules to legacy systems
  • Integrate seamlessly with LDAP users and groups
  • Automatically protect all new services added to Data Hub
  • Quickly identify which people and apps are using each data source

Blockspring - Enterprise Data Management that just works.