Configure Your First Bot Command

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When you finish this tutorial, you'll be able to:

  • Launch Slack bot commands in 60 seconds.
  • Create commands on top of any web service on Blockspring (eg Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Clearbit, Mattermark, etc).

Configure Your First Command

In this tutorial we're going to create a chat bot that finds information about someone given their email.

We first need to find the web service we'll use to create our command (Clearbit). Visit the Blockspring services page.


Next click Clearbit. You'll arrive at Clearbit's homepage on Blockspring.


Choose Find Person by Email because that is the block that we'll build our email lookup command on top of. Once we're at that page, make sure to sign in with Blockspring, add your Clearbit API token, and select Slack as your tool of choice in Step 2.

Clearbit block

Now click the Create Slack Command button.

Add to slack

Give your command a name. Pro-tip: you're not allowed to have spaces in the command name.

Command name

Fill out the form in Step 2 and make sure you're seeing the type of data you'd want from your command.

Confirm data

Tell Blockspring which of the input parameters should be sent by the user of the chat command (see preview), or which ones should just always have default values. In this case, we want to provide an email as the lookup in every Slack command. Then click Add to Slack.

Choose inputs

Next, you can enable the command from one of the Slack teams you're already in. Remember, this doesn't add more than 1 /blockspring integration. You're just adding a new command to an existing slash integration.

Add permissions

Go wild! Paste /blockspring lookup-email into your Slack team and you'll get the result of the Clearbit service! Easy right?

Email lookup

That's a Wrap

Thanks for using this tutorial. We'd love to hear your feedback!

  • Did something not make sense at all or think you have a better way to explain a concept?
  • Maybe you want some more information about how to make Blockspring work for you?

Let us know in the chat window below or on Blockspring-Community Slack in the #slack-bot channel.
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